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“Hi I'm Dwayne Westers(?), so you sick. Say hi to Kim ___ we can, we really bored today. Oh yeah it's mother's Day and my Philip's(?) at me, yeah. It's Wednesday morning the afternoon and I'm still really bored. I'm so bored we do this.”

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Todays Events

Hi all,

Today has been a pretty good day.

This morning for breakfast, I had two hot dogs, a glass of Milk, and some Mandarin Oranges.

In CA today (CA= Curriculum Assistance; it is just a study kind of class where you can study for whatever you need to or get help with assignments if need), I worked on some English work.

In Computer Apps, I worked on and finished a project where I had to write a web page based on the given scenarios. And, I handed coded the HTML.

In English, we did a journal entry about well, it was a free write today, so we got to write about whatever we wanted. I wrote mostly about HTML stuff. Then, we did some work in the Grammar workbook, then, we finished watching Macbeth and after that, we began reading the play. We finished Act I.

In Tech Math, we worked on How to buy a house; at least, the math aspect of it. We had to go look up several different houses, and find the estimated down payment, and all that stuff.

For lunch, I had a Sub, Fries, and Broccoli with Cheese. It was OK.

Then, I came home. I wish the bus ride wasn’t so long; it takes about an hour. I don’t know why that is.

Then, I spent time with my family for a little while.

Then, I got Online, and signed into Skype and all the other IM services I use. And that’s what I’ve been doing for a while now.

Oh yeah, for Dinner, I had two Hot Dogs, some Goldfish crackers, and a glass of Milk.

Now, I’m about to go take a shower shortly and go to bed, so laters.



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Well, hey there, LJ readers!
Haven't been up to much lately except school and stuf. I'm currently bord. Yeah, I know, that's kinda boring, but it's true. And, this is occupying me for the moement, anyway. Hmm. I think I'm gonna send this off, cuz I'm emailing this post the the blog, and then, I think I'm gonna play with eather QWS or VST Host some more, cuz it's actually fun, despite the fact that it sounds boring. And oh yeah, if my computer would stop doing crazy things today, I would be happy! LOL.
Current Mood: Bord.
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Well, hi, LJ Readers!
Haven't done much today, ciz of the weather. In fact, it's still snowing outside. It started some time this afternoon. I didn't misss school, so yay!
Well, nothing much else to say, so write more later.

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